Free Automatic Backlinking Tool


Create More Than 250 In Minutes Automatically
This is a great tool to help you generate backlinks to your website or blog automatically from high ranking ‘whois’ and ‘rank’ style websites. They can help you boost the amount of inbound links indexed from unique domains. By entering your url below your domain will be indexed at more than 250 different urls helping to increase your page rank and visibility in search engines.


step 1 – enter your domain (eg.,
step 2 – click submit your url (note. you may need to turn off your popup blocker)
step 3 – repeat once every 3 – 5 days for 1 month to make sure they are indexed properly

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this proccess can take up to 40 minutes to complete

Please do not interupt the process or the tool may not ping properly

You Can Now Get This Tool For Your Website

just copy the code exactly how it is displayed below and paste it into your website

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